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Backups and Disaster Recovery

This is important! eVerity provides weekly backups, but takes no responsibility in the event that your data is lost. Backups are your responsibility.

While its nice to know that eVerity takes the issue of backups very seriously, you should still keep your own backups. cPanel makes this very easy. In your cPanel, under the Files menu, you'll see a link called "Backups." On the next page, you'll see a button that says "Download or Generate a Full Backup."

Full backups are the same backups that eVerity makes of your site every day. These can be used to restore your account to be 100% exactly the way it was at the time the backup was made. These backups restore EVERYTHING: site files, images, stats, emails, databases, passwords, everything.

If you periodically download a full back up of your site, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that no matter what happens, your site can be easily restored using the file you've downloaded.

Again, eVerity provides backups for you. Still, we can not predict the future, and can not guarantee the availability of backups in the event of a major disaster. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you periodically download a full backup of your site.

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