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SSL Certificate

How to Order an SSL Certificate From A 3rd Party Vendor

If you wish to use an SSL certificate from another company for use with your eVerity hosting account, please follow the instructions below explicitly. Failure to do so can turn a simple 2 minute procedure into 2 hours, and become quite costly, especially if you order the wrong type of certificate. So please take a few seconds to read and understand the instructions below. If you have any questions, please submit a support ticket.

  1. Move your site to its own dedicated IP address. An SSL certificate can not be installed on a shared IP address. Please submit a ticket and we can do this for you. Please note that there is a fee of $2.00 per month for a dedicated IP. (This fee is waived when you purchase your certificate from eVerity.)
  2. Request a CSR (Certificate Signing Request). A CSR must be generated by the server where your web site is hosted. Some SSL providers claim that they can generate the CSR automatically. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Don't take the chance. Get your CSR directly emailed to you from eVerity. To generate the CSR, please open a support ticket through eVerity's ticket system with the following information.

    SSL Name: The domain or subdomain you wish to protect
    Certificate Email: Displayed with certificate
    Cert. Password:
    Cert. City:
    Cert. State: Full Spelling
    Cert. Country: 2 letter abbreviation
    Company Name: Displayed with certificate
    Company Division: Displayed with certificate

    The CSR will then be generated by the server and emailed to you.

  3. Go to the company where you are purchasing your certificate, and provide the CSR at the beginning of the ordering process. The CSR is a small text document of letters, numbers, and symbols. You can copy-and-paste it where requested.
  4. Their system should be able to automatically decode your CSR and generate an SSL certificate for use with your site. Some SSL providers may ask questions about the type of server where your site is hosted. Please do not guess at these answers if you are not sure. Instead, update the ticket you opened earlier with any such questions, and we will tell you the correct answers to use.
  5. Once you have the certificate, please update your support ticket with eVerity with the following information:
    -The vendor where you purchased the certificate.
    -The SSL certificate itself (you can copy-and-paste it).
    -The intermediate certificate (your SSL vendor should provide this as well.)

  6. We will then install the certificate for you.
Please note that certificate installations are free when the above instructions have been followed. Otherwise, there is a $10 installation fee. The most common mistakes are
  • Ordering the certificate without obtaining a CSR.
  • Giving the SSL provider incorrect information about your server.
  • Overlooking the importance of obtaining the correct intermediate certificate.

Does All This Sound Too Complicated or Expensive?

It doesn't have to be! Purchase your SSL Certificate through eVerity. It takes literally 30 seconds and we'll do all the work for you. Certificates begin at $34.99 and can be half that with multiple-year purchases. They include a dedicated IP at no charge, a saving of $24 per year. For more expensive certificates (GlobalSign, for example) we will even include free hosting (thanks to our partnership agreement with GlobalSign.) GlobalSign and AlphaSSL certificates have the highest ubiquity (compatibility and recognition) in the industry. Verisign is equal, but not better, only more expensive.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that there is no better deal possible on SSL certificates, but if you still wish to use another company, we understand.

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