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eVerity was formed by James Hold on July 4, 2000. Originally named SmarttBiz, eVerity began by offering merchant services and web design services to both online-only and established brick-and-mortar companies. Shortly after opening, eVerity began offering web hosting and domain registration services as well.

In February 2002, merchant services were phased out so that the web hosting division could be given priority. To this day, we have continually provided a top-rated product, as demonstrated by having one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry.

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James Hold, eVerity's President and Founder, began developing web sites in 1998 while attending University. At this time, the internet was relatively new, and many other developers were taking advantage of uneducated business owners, over-charging them hundreds, even thousands of dollars. In an effort to meet the demand for web development services at a FAIR price, James opened his own company. Honesty and integrity have always been first and foremost.

In fact, that is the reason why "eVerity" was chosen for the name. The word verity means truth and honesty. "E", of course, is for electronic commerce. Hence the name eVerity.

eVerity's Business Philosophy

By competing honestly and fairly, eVerity has had to face self-imposed challenges that other web hosting providers have not had to deal with. Still, while more aggressive web hosts have come and gone, eVerity has grown steadily since its inception in 2000. eVerity currently operates with zero debt, healthy profit margins, and better stability than competitors. We boast better uptime too. (This isn't just talk. Feel free to choose any third-party monitoring service, and monitor/compare our uptime/download speeds yourself. You'll be impressed for sure.)

Typical Server Configuration

RAID1 is used to improve performance and as a backup solution. A RAID1 disk array consists of a RAID controller that writes the same data to two separate SAS drives at the same time. It can also read from both drives at once, which greatly increases the speed at which data can be sent to the processor(s). If one drive fails, the other drive can continue to function while the first drive is replaced, resulting in zero downtime in the event of a drive failure. A third SAS drive will be used to archive daily and weekly backups.

What is SAS?

SAS stands for Serial Attached SCSI. SAS drives are the least likely to fail of all hard drive types. They also offer the fastest I/O (read/write) times by spinning at 15,000 RPM's. I am not aware of any type of hard drive that offers better performance and reliability.

How Does eVerity Compare with Other Hosts?

The vast majority of hosts use 1 or 2 drive systems with Pentium 4 processors. A few entry-level budget hosts use cheap Celeron processors, which almost always crash sooner or later, but are very inexpensive. The most common hosting configurations use SATA drives, which are slow in comparison to SAS, but cost about 1/3 the price. eVerity not only invests in better servers, but also in choosing a top data center as well. Equinix has one of the best reputations for service, reliability, and network uptime, as well as over 40 Tier 1 connections to the internet's biggest backbones.

How is eVerity able to offer so much and still keep prices so competitive?

Simple. In addition to its physical infrastructure, a host's biggest expense is providing customer support. The next biggest expense is marketing to gain new customers. Investing in the best servers, best data center, and best technology, actually reduces eVerity's cost to provide support (fewer customers have problems), and makes it much easier to recruit new customers. With a stellar reputation for over 7 years, eVerity's biggest success is in customer retention. It is almost unheard of for one of our customers to cancel their account to leave for another host (though they are free to do at any time).

If you have any questions about our policies, please contact sales@everity.com

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