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Merchant Accounts

eVerity is proud to connect you to the highest quality Credit Card Processing and Payment solutions. Even if you already have a merchant account, it may be possible to lower your fees. There is no application fee of any kind, just complete the forms on the next page and someone will contact you to make sure you are getting the best possible rates.

OPTION 1: Interchange-Plus for Businesses Processing over $250,000 per Year

  • No monthly fees of any kind.
  • Guaranteed savings over your existing merchant account.
  • No new equipment or reprogramming costs.
There are over 270 Interchange categories, or discount rates, that are set by MasterCardİ and Visaİ. Most processors 'simplify' the complexity of Interchange, the actual cost of a transaction, by bundling merchant's Visa/MasterCard rates into three tier billing of Qualified/Mid Qualified/Non Qualified. The fact is that while this is simpler, it also means many merchants pay more than they should for most types of credit and debit cards.

OPTION 2: For Businesses Processing under $250,000+ per Year

Featuring INSTANT ESTABLISHMENT of your Merchant ID Number, as soon as you submit the Online Application for your merchant account, your live Visa/MasterCard Merchant ID is issued to you.
  • Accept ALL MAJOR Credit Cards on your Web site, Retail or eBay Store
  • Funds deposited directly into your Personal or Business Checking Account
  • Internet accounts INCLUDE real time Payment Gateway & Virtual Terminal
  • NEW FEATURE: QuickBooks Integration System INCLUDED!
    o Allows you to download Settled Transaction Reports into QuickBooks
  • Apply for American Express & Discover right on the Application

Guaranteed = Rates will NOT increase unless Visa/MC increases Interchange*

  • NO Application Fees
  • NO Annual Fees
  • NO Address Verification (AVS) Fees
  • NO Leasing
  • NO Termination Penalties
  • NO Batch Header Fees
  • 2.19% VISA/MasterCard Qualified Discount Rate
  • $0.24 per Transaction
  • $10.00 Monthly Service Fee (includes Monthly Statement)
  • $15.00 Monthly Processing Minimum
  • Toll Free 24/7 Customer Support with FREE TECH SUPPORT

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