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eVerity Customer Bill of Rights

The Right to Full Control Over Your Domain Name

You have the right to manage your domain name through eVerity, or to transfer it to any registrar at any time, as long as you have paid for it, even if there are other outstanding balances on your account. The only exception: Domains can not be transferred within the first 60 days after being registered, or if they have expired. Your domains are always registered under your name, not ours, and we will never put them under our name, even in the event of a dispute.

The Right to Cancel Hosting at Any Time

You have the right to cancel any hosting account at any time. If you have paid in advance, we will issue a credit for unused months.

The Right to Hassle-Free Services

You have the right to log in and purchase any service at any time with no hassle. We will not push you to buy other products, or to choose between complicated and confusing offers in order to get a discount. We will not attempt to mislead you into thinking you need services that you do not. If you want to buy a domain or hosting, you can do so at a set price with no gimmicks, no fine print, no confusion, no pressure, and no hassle.

The Right to Use Your Full Web Space and Transfer (Bandwidth)

You have the right to use 100% of the resources offered with your plan. Many providers massively "oversell," or offer unrealistic package limits in order to make their offers seem more valuable. Then, they have very strict "resource usage" limits hidden in their fine print. eVerity limits resource usage (cpu cycles) as needed to protect its customers, but not to the extent that you would be unable to use all of your plan's limits. (For example, if you had a script that was slowing down an entire server, we would most likely contact you to optimize the script to be more efficient, rather than shutting down your site with no warning, as many other providers do.)

The Right to Upgrade or Downgrade at any Time with No Fees or Hassle

You have the right to upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan any time you want, quickly, and with no hassle. If this requires moving your site to a different server, we will handle this for you at no extra charge and with no downtime.

The Right to Make Payments on Your Terms

You have the right to make payments on your own terms. We will ALWAYS email you an invoice requesting payment 10 days before we charge your credit card, if you provided it to us for automatic billing. (Exception: When you purchase a new domain name, as this must be funded upfront, and is non-refundable.) You can always extend your date due by up to 10 days for a small fee, with no interruption to services. You can log in and delete your credit card any time to cancel automatic billing. (Note: this will not cancel hosting accounts.) We accept eChecks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

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