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Reseller Program

eVerity's network of resellers consists of people who run their own hosting business. They handle their own marketing, bill their customers, and provide support. eVerity maintains their hosting infrastructure. Their customers do not have to know about eVerity. In the near future, eVerity will begin offering white-labeled end-user support for its resellers as an additional service.

Referral Program

eVerity pays its existing customers for sending referrals. Unlike other programs, eVerity's program is very simple, and very generous. It pays 20% of everything a referral spends during their first five years!

Web Developers

eVerity regularly refers web development projects to its network of talented professionals who specialize in areas such as logo design, Flash, graphic design, database-driven applications, javascript, AJAX, CSS, search engine optimization (SEO), and custom programming. This aspect of eVerity's service is currently being revamped to streamline the development process and help clients find the most qualified professional for their needs.

Partnership Proposals

If you offer a service that would be beneficial to eVerity's customers, and would like to propose a partnership, please email partners @ everity.com (no spaces).
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